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Our Story

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Hidden Blueprints, is a hybrid documentary-narrative that tells the story of a young man named Jeremy who is sent to a corporate prison around the time he should have gone to college. It shows his journey to design a collection of wood-scrollwork that would illuminate the stories of prisoners in mythic forms.

In prison, Jeremy became a member of a group of prisoners who bet money on praying mantis fights. Eventually Jeremy found a champion fighting mantis named Mikey that won all of its fights. As the prisoners became closer to Mikey, the mantis made them realize their humanity by becoming a friend and showing intelligence they never expected. They stopped fighting mantises, realizing that they aren’t just stupid insects and shouldn’t be kept in boxes or be made to fight each other.

Soon after that, Jeremy and his friends were selected for a new college program for inmates, but the conditions for the inmates were deteriorating. The prisoners faced a dilemma: either pursue the college opportunity or support an uprising. Ultimately, they decided that they must take a stand against the abuses they were suffering, but vowed that no one be killed. It quickly escalated into a full blown riot. The prison was burned and the warden was fired. But Mikey the mantis was killed, and became the one martyr of the prison riot.

In the years that followed, Mikey became an enduring legend among prisoners and motivated them to keep telling his story, and their own.  A decade later, these stories continued to inspire prisoners and people on the outside alike, and eventually led Jeremy out of prison and into college, where he became a 4.0 student.

Our Resources

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Our total fundraising goal is $25,000. We have already raised 23% of our budget through the financial support of Champlain College SGA and the Freedom and Unity: Work in Progress Award. We are also awaiting decisions on three additional grants, but need your support to ensure that we are able to begin principle photography on time. Depending on the outcome of these grants, we will need to raise a minimum of $10,000 to $15,000, and if we can go over that goal, it will only help the project with additional funds for post-production and distribution.

Our story’s focus on mythology and storytelling necessitates an innovative approach. It’s an extremely ambitious project that involves the building of sets, hiring actors, and accessing a multitude of props and locations.

We are incredibly grateful to have the support of a strong and creative community that is passionate about telling this story. As such, we are receiving considerable in-kind resources from many local artists and technicians volunteering their time and skills by waiving day rates and equipment rentals.

However, this can only take us so far, and we need your involvement to tell this story the right way. Our current budget will allow for the resources needed to create a cinematic approach to our compelling story.

Our Team


Jeremy Lee MacKenzie is a filmmaker and wood-scroll artist who has not only run numerous successful art shows displaying his work Hidden Blueprints, but also earned a screenwriting fellowship at Stowe Story Labs, directed numerous short films, and won Gold in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.

Executive Producer:

Julie Pacino is a Manhattan-based producer. She has produced the off-broadway production Phoenix starring Julia Stiles, the feature film Billy Bates, a number of music videos, the short film Abracadabra, and her most recent project, The First, a biopic about Mary Pickford; the woman who made Hollywood.


Aron Meinhardt has a BFA in Film Production and built his own business in Burlington, producing documentaries, commercials, music videos, and art. He is a co-producer of the in-development national docu-series Sugar Rush, and led the post-production on Vermont PBS’ series InnoVaTe with Victoria Taylor, editing picture and sound. He’s also worked as an associate producer for James Lantz and his documentary A Defiant Dude.


Mike Jacobs is a creative producer & photographer who works for Champlain College managing the institution’s media production equipment. He specializes in coordinating the nuts and bolts of creative collaboration and has worked in numerous roles on film productions including Flicker, Plato’s Cave, and Everything and Nothing.

Director of Photography:

Joel Wolter is a New England based cinematographer focused on both commercial and narrative filmmaking. His desire for collaboration, and drive to seek innovative techniques push the limits of tradition to challenge and change perspectives, which makes him the ideal person to shoot this project. His past work includes director of photography on the short films: Joan in Owl Land, Last Night, Cry About it, Boy Blue, Fine Upstanding Youth, and the feature documentary Suck it Up Princess. His experience also includes cinematography on the short film Men’s Rea, as well as numerous music videos.

You did it!

  Published on Friday, May. 26, 2017 at 10:39 PM (EDT)

We Reached Our Goal!

We'd like to thank everyone who shared and contributed to this project. We are thrilled to announce we have reached our goal of $10,000! You have graciously afforded us our budget for crew, props, transportation, and so much more. We cannot thank you enough! This gives us the green light for production, but isn't the end of the fundraising for us. 

Stretch Goal and Donation Match!

Now that we have money to cover basic production, we have expanded into our stretch goal of an additional $1500 for production. This will help us bring on extra crew for some of our biggest shoots, allowing us to move faster and lighter, and focus on getting the most out of our busiest days. Also, we have an incredible oppurtunity to shoot additional footage at a retired maximum security prison in New York. This will lend even more authenticity to our prison scenes, but we would need to cover travel expenses and the location fee. 

To help us move towards these goals, an anonymous donor is matching dollar for dollar each contribution made to our stretch goal, up to $1000.

Facebook Launch!

Through your generous contributions, we really believe that this is your project too. Moving towards production, we want to keep you up to date on our work. So, we are launching a facebook page to keep you updated on our progress throughout production. Check it out, give it a like, share it with your friends, and stay tuned.

Thank you again for making this all possible!

The Hidden Blueprints Team

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